Unearthing Wine List

What takes your fancy? Unearthing Wine is limited-allocation, highly acclaimed wines from South Australia, named after long standing wine group characters. We figured since wine is something people are continually buying, they donโ€™t mind experimenting with a general brand that still maintains exceptional value and quality. Email Shane (shane@tastemclarenvale.com.au) or Charlie (charliehelenrobinson@gmail.com) to place an order for direct delivery to a location of your choice (that’s suitable for Australia Post registered signing and affordable to you of course).

Style Name Message Region Price
Sparkling Brut Anti’s Sparkle Best served styled, in a froth of bubble and a hint of bling, jazzing up the dance floor, the girls will sing. SE Australia 15
Sparkling Shiraz Kazzy’s Sparkly Raz Best served loud, socialising with the groovy crew, on a party day. McLaren Vale 15
2008 Shiraz Jimbo’s Raz Best served relaxed, pontificating over baseball, the environment and other worldly adventures with a hearty laugh! McLaren Vale 20
2009 Cabernet Dana’s Cab Best served comfy, when a coffee just won’t cut it, and the need for a soft relaxing sofa takes over. McLaren Vale 25
2013 Sav Blanc Charlie’s Sav Best served chilled, relaxing under the summer sunshine, wearing a string bikini with a smile! Adelaide Hills SOLD OUT
Pink Moscato Francis Mo McLaren Vale 15

Ask us about the following as we may still have some in stock if you are lucky!

unearthingpinotย ย Wine Label_BrucesGraci_70x140mm_final_HR



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