UniSA | Idea Generation

The UniSA Idea Generation Course: http://programs.unisa.edu.au/public/pcms/Course.aspx?pageid=013354&y=2013

Course aim

To develop students’ awareness and abilities in the theories and processes of creative thinking and idea generation as it applies to designers.

The background to our work in Social Learning via Social Media Platforms, ie Facebook, that resulted in the Paper: Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media.


  • Engaging students to generate new ideas when creative thinking doesn’t switch off after leaving the formal classroom.
  • Inspiring students to be more innovative and entrepreneurial in their thinking.
  • Reducing inhibitions instilled in students via traditional educational models.


  • Embracing social learning via social media platforms (as students are already there) to encourage conversations.
  • Developing strategies, activities and challenges to engage.
  • Encouraging tinkering and play.


  • Ease of access and diversity of thought provided within the online community.
  • Evidence of greater thinking and the generation of (real) new ideas via assignments.
  • Many students claim we have “changed their thinking for ever”.

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