2015 Microvolunteering Activity Summary

Bringing the dots together…

Microvolunteering continues to grow in popularity and new ways of participating in initiatives are appearing all the time. These efforts are taking place across the world and involving people of all ages and from many different backgrounds. We reported after the first ever Australian oldies media aware study most had not heard of the online or virtual volunteering tasks called “microvolunteering” and what they could be involved in – or even what it was.

Things are starting to look up. And the dots are connecting.

Australian Microvolunteering Locations

Website: communitycommunicatorssa.wordpress.com/

Conversations: facebook.com/groups/microvolunteering

Mike, from HelpFromHome.org states, “2015 saw many more events being organised”, however also, “most hold microvolunteering events in isolation of each other.” The report, available at the link, is a summary of 2015 for others “to use this collection of events to break through the air of isolation, in order to provide a more informed foundation.” You can read Mike’s full 2015 Microvolunteering report herehttp://www.helpfromhome.org/micro-events-2015.pdf

#Microvolunteering trended on Twitter for the first time in April 2015, and a new paper has been published on social microvolunteering: click here.

My own collection of general articles are located here: category/microvolunteering/  and a new website with a collation of Australian news and stories on microvolunteering has started.

My own general activities include:

  1. The Microvolunteering Facebook Group, started in February 2015, has been grown to 74 members (as at end Dec 2015).
  2. Promoted Microvolunteering within FB group via #MicroMonday activities, informative posts, and questions.
  3. Promoted “Tab for a Cause” to generate points for third world type causes.
  4. Purchased “Who gives a crap” toilet paper!
  5. Fund-raised for families affected by the Sampson Flat and Pinery Flat fires in South Australia – online.
  6. Helped administer or mentor others administering Facebook pages associated to emergency situations.
  7. Generated online conversation in relation to community communicators and how they can support community emergency situations.
  8. Discussed Microvoluntering activities on Radio ABC891 social media segments.
  9. Met up with Bernie Goodwin, who is probably the 1st paid employee in the world in a dedicated microvolunteering role, re South Australian opportunities.
  10. Responded to “John’s Road to Volunteering” interview questions for resulting global collaboration blog.
  11. Arranged a call-out in the Australian MV FB group to garner ideas on increasing activity and engagement in MV in Australia.
  12. Community Manager for the Australian Carer Facebook Group.


What is the Australian Carer Facebook Group?


It’s a central #careconnection location; we share virtual hugs, latest news and friendly conversation online using the Facebook platform. It s available to all carers and caring people, young and old, paid or voluntary and is run voluntarily by Charlie-Helen Robinson. The group is set to private; meaning people can see you belong to the Facebook group, however are unable to see posts and discussions unless they to are a member.

We started this year with discussions with TACSI – Weavers Group in relation to support of carers “virtually” and we had our first chat with UniSA.

Future opportunities:

Carer article for UK Care Guide. In draft.

Microvolunteering firsts for Australia, article/blog. In draft.