Microvolunteering; #MicroMondays

Charlie is the Australian representative for HelpFromHome.Org

Charlieโ€™s volunteering work is dedicated to reducing isolation in the community by stimulating social interaction online; perfectly aligning with our Microvolunteering philosophies. Not one to sit still, Charlie has undertaken research projects exploring the growing use of online technologies that specifically benefit the older generation; specifically looking at ways to support and encourage connections between our older generations via the various online platforms for them to thrive.

Article:ย MicroVolunteering can make a difference

Microvolunteering is growing in popularity and new ways of participating in initiatives are appearing all the time. These efforts are taking place across the world and involving people of all ages and from many different backgrounds.

The vision of organisations such as Help from Home is to continue to spread awareness of the microvolunteering concept, so that one day people will be aware that they do not necessarily have to be confined to the date, time and place restriction usually imposed by traditional volunteering opportunities.

What is Microvolunteering?

Micro-volunteering describes a task done by a volunteer, or a team of volunteers, without payment, online via an internet connected device.ย Giving spare time to good causes allows for volunteers to give easily and on their own terms (and time). We encourage microvolunteering actions as a few spare moments from your life, provides positive impact to someone else. #socialgood

The concept is gaining momentum and has opened up a communication channel between volunteers, research bodies (such as universities), charities and companies which could potentially shape the future of volunteering in years to come. Microvolunteering is popular in Australia, the US, Britain, Spain and Asia.

โ€œThe internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.โ€ Jon Stewart


Help From Home is a Cardiff, UK based volunteer driven, unincorporated association that promotes and encourages participation in easy, no commitment, 3rd party run microvolunteering opportunities where a spare 10 seconds to 30 minutes is all that is needed to help out worthy causes.

This instruction uses the UK based interface service “Help From Home” to gain access to projects, games or “things you can do”. These “things” can range from a one minute task to much longer. They are categorised to help you select something that would be of personal interest, making it more meaningful.

Micro Effort, Macro Impact.

How To MicroVolunteer

  1. Go online (open your Browser)
  2. Type www.helpfromhome.org
  3. Choose a category via ‘Action’ menus
  4. Choose your action
  5. Click web address
  6. Read instructions
  7. Microvolunteer!

โ€œWe are still in the very beginnings of the Internet. Letโ€™s use it wisely.โ€ Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia


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