Barton Terrace, North Adelaide

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This week I was asked to comment whether Barton Terrace should re-open or not. It had not previously been on my agenda as I have been focusing on and hearing local Henley Ward issues like JetSki’s and Car Parks! I am always up for a conversation though about something that may impact us.

I diligently read Rachel Sanderson’s Parliament speech, Googled news items and also received and read a letter from Michael Atkinson with this detail “I and 4715 other voters in Charles Sturt support the re-opening of Barton Road, North Adelaide, to motorists and cyclists.  Three hundred and twenty seven of these are in the Ward you are contesting.”

I asked the question of Michael as to whether another road could be reopened further down around the area of Buxton and Mills. This is his reply:

“The new road you canvassed in your message to me existed until 1973 under the name North Adelaide Station Road.  It was closed, dug up and no longer exists.  It is not an option.  There is absolutely no possibility of constructing such a road.  The only option for people in Ovingham, Bowden, Brompton, Hindmarsh and points farther west to access western North Adelaide is Barton Road. ” Mick Atkinson


To be frank there was no information presented that didn’t sway my original thought that the road should be open. I read and understood the original reasons were for best traffic management and safety concerns, however as we have seen and witnessed, the Adelaide City Council under Stephen Yarwood direction has been excellent at innovation of modern thinking on this subject with the introduction of traffic safe bike lanes etc.

Being involved in many construction style projects over the years, I understand the importance of flow and access from all directions. I have never understood why the west must be cut off from (essentially what is) the top of the city. With Adelaide Oval now a popular destination for footy games and activities, it would seem inappropriate to stop the flow of traffic into the city area and only have it come up North Terrace or War Memorial Drive, which we know is already highly congested.

Secondly, in my mind, the area being redeveloped at the old Clipsal site would, I’m sure, appreciate the flow from North Adelaide – both inwards and out.

And finally, wouldn’t the good people of North Adelaide appreciate easier access into the main entertainment area of our good Capital? Hindmarsh is the hub of all things musical.

My exact response to Michael was:

“My personal preference is for the road to open but as I mentioned , I am as yet unable to speak on behalf of the Henley Ward.”

If you wish to challenge my thoughts, or provide me with additional information as to why it should in fact remain shut, please comment. I prefer transparency.


  1. As a Resident of North Adelaide I would like to see the road open again as it should never have been closed off to the public. Why was it in the first place? I do not agree with Michael Atkinson’s comment.

    1. Thanks Carmel.

      Appreciate your feedback. I think infrastructure projects should provide options with the risk assessment detailed in each offering. The need to open a corridor from and to the west seems apparent as there are many voicing their opinions. Its really up to everyone to come to the party now, but yes this old road area seemed like an obvious alternative. There would be fors and against this as well as Michael suggests, but Id like to know what they are too.

  2. Letter to Barton Road list:
    In your local Council ward, Councillor Robert Randall has voted in favour of re-opening and argued for the Road’s re-opening. Candidates Christopher Knott and Jassmine Wood have sent me written pledges to support re-opening. Candidate Charlie Robinson says “My personal preference is for the Road to be open.” Candidate Rehka Indrasamy did not respond to repeated requests to state a position.

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