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Announcing the Inaugural Vintage Ball Charity for Unearthing WineLovers

March 14, 2017


The Inaugural Vintage Ball With our true #winelover generous style, we will again be donating to the Chat ‘n’ Chew program, managed by Uniting Care Wesley, Port Adelaide. To date, we have donated approximately $450. Chat ‘n’ Chew provides an opportunity for more than 700 people each year to enjoy some independence, make friends and […]

Wine in the bag at the end of the election

July 3, 2016


No, we don’t wear blindfolds, or even Lone Ranger masks.

Unearthing a Dead One #15

June 19, 2016


A wonderful evening of laughter and yummy wines with good food. We dusted off our corkscrews (remember those?) as it was time for another DeadRed wine group event! Our birthday girl Litsa, provided the slow cooked leg of lamb and roast vegetables to fuel the evening’s fun. The bottles of red were at least *15* years old – […]

Tasty Wine Walk – Peel Street Adelaide

November 8, 2015


Hosted “pub crawl” style event with a twist. We are checking out Adelaide's wine bars, one street at a time. This time Peel Street, Adelaide.

Sorrel rum punch

February 18, 2015


Originally posted on Cooking for the Sensitive Gut:
I have been on the move. I spent the best part of November and December in New Zealand, visiting relatives and travelling around both the North and South Islands. I loved every minute of it. We only made it as far as Christchurch on the South Island…

Unearthing Wine Lovers Changes Direction

July 21, 2014


It’s been coming for a long time, this change in direction, our fork in the road. One of those decisions you need to make but continually stall. This is not a bad thing, it’s simply an adjustment. Our website is being decommissioned. Closed down. It’s takes huge effort to maintain an online store and we have reached […]

Tasting Torbreck Vintners; The Steading

February 21, 2014


When you read on the Torbreck Wines website that the Steading is perhaps the most important wine within their portfolio, you get an idea of how we came to drink this bottle with excitement on Thursday night at dinner. To be honest, I even loved the bottle, the label and the glass emboss (etching?). The […]

Winelovers VIP Tasting; Image Gallery

December 11, 2013


Premium wine at a good price – who would argue? #winelovers Charlie says “It is rewarding to be able to share exceptional deals with our members and to know they are getting good value wines. It’s also been fun creating the characters with my long standing supporters. This is just a journey that continues to unearth. This is just another crossing.”

Wine is bottled poetry.

October 17, 2013


Originally posted on 42 Days Younger than Kylie:
Relaxed mood from wine from glass from bottle from winery from grapes from plant from soil from our earth

The Early Grapes and Wines of Maryland and New York

October 16, 2013


Originally posted on Hogshead - A Wine Blog:
After writing about the 18th century vineyards of Washington County, Maryland I decided to take a look at the earliest accounts of winemaking in Maryland.  Tenis Pale has lately been credited as first making wine in Maryland back in 1648.[1]  He was a member of the New…

PechaKucha Adelaide, Presentation Topic: “The social experience of wine.”

January 5, 2012


Presentation Topic: “The social experience of wine.”. My next major speaking gig will be for PechaKucha Adelaide. My presentation topic etc is explained on the DeadRed blog via this link: Presentation Topic: “The social experience of wine.”.

Theresa’s Cork Trivet

January 2, 2012


Theresa’s Cork Trivet. Just a fun thing to share from the wine group 🙂 via Theresa’s Cork Trivet.

Unearthing a great guest speaker – Ian Berry

August 14, 2011


Ian Berry is a great motivational spirit/mentor for me… he runs his own online community, travels the world, and constantly inspires people to make a difference. He touches my heart when he speaks and he is firm in his convictions that we can all make that difference we promise. What a legend!! And he will […]

iphone coolness in Geraldton, WA

May 10, 2011


check this one out #adelaide this man in Geraldton, WA (ie outback) is checking his pizza shop webcams via his iPhone. then her ordered us a few to munch on 🙂 #loveit