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Have we lost the ability to ask Questions?

October 4, 2016


While Adelaide is in the middle of a major storm, the common response via the media is to ask questions which typically direct blame towards either an individual (such as a politician) or a process, regulation or organisation. However, what we really need are the optimistic solution finders and innovators. Across a multitude of industries, topics, causes […]

Facebook “We’re Live”; 3 Practical Tips

June 13, 2016


Includes 3 practical tips to use Live; consider, check and collaborate.

The chocolate “ECLAIR” theory – for social media

March 24, 2016


Think about the acronym

Social Media Tips | #prcaring

January 4, 2016


Tips shared via Twitter...

The Best of 2015 Hashtags Instagram Twitter and Fun

December 31, 2015


A collection of articles and stories shared via various news sources and resources.

For 40 years to over 70’s, online is not all about the kids or grandchildren

July 21, 2015


The results are in. Social media provides the opportunity to have and be a friend, to congregate without leaving the house, to never be alone even when you are the only one in the house.

Paper: ‘Unearthing’ Engaging Business Students in Creative Learning, Through the Use of Social Media

May 11, 2015


Published: CoAuthors Ron Corso, Charlie-Helen Robinson Abstract The use of social media is increasingly becoming more common place in general education as part of a learning management system that is progressing beyond traditional instructional teaching approaches. Student’s everyday lives are today very much entwined in social networking and online communities engaging in social conversations which […]

Q; How can we use Facebook to Improve Communication and Learning Outcomes

June 17, 2014


Curiosity for the online voice and conversation platforms is prevalent, regardless of whether schools are adopting or not.

Another Social Media List; 25 Do’s and Don’t to Consider Doing

April 26, 2014


Everyone loves a list on the social medias. It's the current trend, fad, best thing to do.

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Business With Me

April 14, 2014


Contemporary public relations requires a level of understanding across ALL the medias these days but there are levels of understanding within every profession, and there are levels of understanding. My own stance has been to say, "Look at how long they have been doing it, what their level of engagement is like across ALL social medias (not just Facebook, and certainly not just Twitter), and if they are living and breathing like me, then you have found yourself a good one." There are some goodies out there, you just have to look for the right things.

Social Media Learning; Reflections

April 5, 2014


Author: Charlie-Helen Robinson Draft thoughts.   Social learning theory is a perspective that people learn within a social context and this theory, made famous by Albert Bandura, says that social behaviour (any type of behaviour that we display socially) is learned primarily by observing and imitating the actions of others. It also states that social […]

7 Key Methods for Dealing with Negativity Online

March 26, 2014


Haters gonna hate. We spend our days establishing goals and plans to realise our business dreams, and then someone says something negative about us online and it sends us into a spin. The way we react is key.

ePortfolios: How you as a student use them and how they influence your learning

February 19, 2014


Originally posted on eportfoliosaustralia:
Attention Student Users of an ePortfolio: Niall Dew, University of Huddersfield, invites you to participate in a short online survey. The survey will explore how you, as a student, use ePortfolios, and how the ePortfolio influences your learning. Any information received from you will be anonymised and not identify you or…

Unearthing – the idea

February 18, 2014


Originally posted on Charlie-Helen Robinson:
Am only sharing this email as it’s a reference for my Unearthing term – rather than say “he said…” I thought I would just print the screen and put the image in here. #easy #enjoy ? Ron Corso Uni SA