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POEM | What lies beyond.

March 13, 2017


Summer days and hazy, come what mays. Come what mays, have a wine, check the time. Do the time, write the prose, smell the rose. Smell the rose, prune the trees, feel the breeze. Feel the breeze, make the pardon, in the secret garden. What lies beyond. Is it down the rabbit hole? A line […]

Poem | Floral Prettiness

January 23, 2017


Floral prettiness Creates a stillness Awakens the senses Makes less senseless. All consuming The airs sweet perfuming Nature’s fresh smells This life fine-tuning. Branches gnarled Entwined and snarled Not unlike life’s defenses When we feel jarred. The spark precious Lovingly tenuous Blessed with hope No longer the nemesis.

POEM | Storms that clutter the mind

October 2, 2016


Storms that clutter the mind Beat with the clock Like tic toc tic toc Ready to mock In waves, it’s a crime Through them we grind They shut down reason Come and go each season Holding us to treason Waiting to find Always waiting… waiting to find. Rendering us blind Full wide eye Wish them […]

POEM | The life unspoken.

July 11, 2016


The life unspoken is one of me broken lost each day with all the words I try to say and I still can’t pray.     The life unspoken its seems so token to be me just for another day but I must pray.   The life unspoken Will go left unsaid.   Let’s pray. […]

A few poems from mum

March 13, 2016


As a result of sharing with mum information about the Writer’s Group I have started at work, she immediately leapt at the opportunity to start writing her own prose. While some of the words trouble me (and you too may feel worried about her words), I am more interested in the resulting comments from her […]

50 | The second phase of life

January 13, 2016


My life has been about twos. Not the terrible twos; no, just the pairs who met twice and joined together, and the twins with the double take on life. The second guess was twofold, not bi-fold and cemented with as much again increasing fame. Binary moments caused dual concern and repeated with a different reaction. […]

Christmas December 2015 | The Dyslexic F Word

December 13, 2015


Forever friends, forget me not. You are my fortune. We will fail together to learn.

For my Caring colleagues

February 25, 2015


Laziness is not in my heart.

Christmas December 2014 | There is only one journey, this one journey that is mine.

December 24, 2014


There is only one journey, this one journey that is mine.

Poem | There is time to say

November 9, 2014


Like the spring blooms, the bees come out to play. Floating in the wind, the daisy enjoys its day. Turning face to the sun, there is time to say… What we hold so dear, do more than pray. Gather your strength, roll it out on a tray. Take that leaf, roll it over to the sunray… Let […]

Gwendoline turns 80

May 1, 2014


Daisy chains on lazy spring days. Cartwheels and staying out of the rain. She who must be obeyed will say, “A cuddle, yes please. Splash at the beach, oooooh wee. Hot weather makes my day.”   She goes to church but not to pray. Hello, the thesaurus is her bible. Give her a book topic or […]

POEM | For when my heart sings

April 18, 2014


For when my heart sings It feels I'm doing the right thing For when my heart sings

Christmas December 2013 | Here’s a moment in time.

December 18, 2013


Christmas with friends is no crime, Grab a good tequila with a piece of lime.

Grief Poem – Charlie

October 17, 2013