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Conferences; Keeping it real

May 15, 2016


Based on Mayo Clinic Social Media Philosophies and Guidelines We say social media is simply another way we can communicate and yet, we still need guidance to make sure what we do is valuable. Meaning, we want to get the best possible result from our effort without upsetting anyone or damaging our own reputation in […]

Social Media Tips | #prcaring

January 4, 2016


Tips shared via Twitter...

#prayforparis – a collection of social media activities, notes and advice

November 15, 2015


*This is a living page - sharing key messages I made a symbol for Lebanon too. #parisattacks #beirutattacks #peace — Kristian Labak (@krustabred) November 14, 2015 // Hashtags Some good, some not so: #PorteOuvertes #ParisAttacks #PrayForParis For Australians from our Foreign Minister Support pictures from around the globe: world_landmarks_lit_up_in_french_colors_after_paris_attacks.html ABC […]

When bushfires sound alarms, social media can save lives

January 18, 2015


Crisis managers, media and other people interested in summarising Twitter in real time can use NICTA Event Watch to monitor the message topics.

A message to the Community Communicators SA (Volunteers)

January 8, 2015


Social media gives us the ability to spread our word, messages or opinion further – and to hear more. In a crisis we are no different. More so – the need becomes immediate and not programmed.

WOWFM with Jimbo discussing the Council Election

October 25, 2014


Questions to Charles Sturt Council Election Candidates

October 23, 2014


Do you believe that council should primarily concentrate on ‘roads, rubbish and rates’ or take on a much greater role? I don’t believe Council only plays this role now, therefore my answer is no. Council offers great scope to voice and share the community spirit through events, environment and engagement of views. If you believe […]

Hanging Council Election Posters

October 20, 2014


A gallery of images, the team and the poster locations!!

Election Questions from the Tennyson Dunes Group

October 19, 2014


The following are my responses to specific questions asked of me by the Tennyson Dunes Group. This is in addition to the previous discussions that led me to write my previous blog post: Here are my answers: In Council, will you vote for Option 1 (preferred by the reference group) in the Coast Park Consultation for […]

Council Candidate in Henley Ward Questionnaire 

October 16, 2014


Working in PR and Communications, and specifically on projects needing community engagement, I understand the real impact that people can make in improving outcomes.

Endangered Dunes, Tennyson

October 13, 2014


My Council Election Profile **Note, since this post was issued, I was approached to answer specific questions. The answers are here: This week I was asked to comment about the endangered dunes located at Tennyson. Note: these are not in my Ward, but in the greater City of Charles Sturt Council area. Growing up with […]

Doorknocking | West Beach and Henley Beach

October 4, 2014


If I have the opportunity to serve my community, it will be a "what can we achieve immediately" to alleviate some concerns while we work on the bigger picture.

Council Election Update; 1 October 2014

October 1, 2014


On this first day of October, International Day for the Older Person. My mother is in hospital after breaking her back, so it’s been a tough 24 hours. However, I’m strong and she’s a tough nut. My heart goes out to her, all strength.   We continue… I’m meeting with residents tonight about West Beach […]

Doorknocking | Fulham Gardens and Henley Beach

September 28, 2014


Battling today’s winds was my second challenge. The first that presented itself was finding a coffee shop suitable for mum to get too (I seriously had to get her out as she’s not been well in body and mind of late – needed her sea air). We have gone to Henley Beach for fish and chips, […]