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Conferences; Keeping it real

May 15, 2016


Based on Mayo Clinic Social Media Philosophies and Guidelines We say social media is simply another way we can communicate and yet, we still need guidance to make sure what we do is valuable. Meaning, we want to get the best possible result from our effort without upsetting anyone or damaging our own reputation in […]

Social Media Tips | #prcaring

January 4, 2016


Tips shared via Twitter...

#prayforparis – a collection of social media activities, notes and advice

November 15, 2015


*This is a living page - sharing key messages I made a symbol for Lebanon too. #parisattacks #beirutattacks #peace — Kristian Labak (@krustabred) November 14, 2015 // Hashtags Some good, some not so: #PorteOuvertes #ParisAttacks #PrayForParis For Australians from our Foreign Minister Support pictures from around the globe: world_landmarks_lit_up_in_french_colors_after_paris_attacks.html ABC […]

It’s not PowerPoint’s fault, you’re just using it wrong

June 30, 2015


Imagine seeing a young student attempt to twist in a screw using a hammer.

LinkedIn; The Executive Strategy

August 18, 2014


LinkedIn is the social media platform you go to, to connect with business people, groups and conversations. There are over 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. Like all other social media platforms it has issues with spam, fake users and annoying news feed situations. Aside from that, it’s the first port […]

Idea Generation | The Life of Ray Whitrod, a South Australian Hero

August 10, 2014


Generating new ideas isn’t always for a new design, concept or product; an idea or thought can help shape any part of life from any question you ask. The invitation to participate in an exploration of the life of Ray Whitrod, a South Australian Hero, came from Alan Stewart, PhD. On this occasion, ideas were […]

What to do when someone checks your old Google Social Media Profile? Re-Profiling in 5 Simple Steps.

July 20, 2014


Re-Profiling; Reconfiguring your historical Google results organically.

SEO Writing Demonstrated Using 8 Keywords

July 10, 2014


SEO Writing is a skill that is helping a lot of businesses win the game of organic marketing through the search engines, like getting good Google results for example. It’s a long held belief that being able to explain what you do in the space of an elevator ride will win the day. Of course, […]

Social Media; 5 Essentials for Small Business

June 23, 2014


In many instances small business owners are busy people. And they are small business operators because they have a passion for x, y or z... and not social media. To help you succeed there are a few simple steps you can take to win. Social media does not have to be a distraction, time consuming or frivolous. It is a valid business tool for soft leads and customer retention.

Business Network MeetUp; The Sanga 18 June 2014

June 19, 2014


Jim Manning, Business Consultant & WOWFM; The exciting news in Jimbo’s world is the acceptance and release of his Football Federation, South Australia live stream footage to impressive online click stats that have other sporting groups now beating down his door to provide a similar service! You’ll see when you watch it too – there is […]

Testimonial; Where does your competitive advantage come from?

June 18, 2014


I’ve connected socially for years through many business networks and the social media platforms online. . I love connecting and helping people excel in whatever it is they have set for their own journey. It was a delight therefore, to accept Joe Rossi’s invitation to join in the latest XPol discussion (Facebook link) and hear from […]

Business Network MeetUp; The Simple Sanga 11 June 2014

June 11, 2014


A simple sanga and chat. Everyone got to say a few words and we heard a few background stories.

5 Reasons to Keep Printing

June 3, 2014


Social media has to be one of the most conversational and engaging platforms developed in modern society. Everyone loves and wants it. However, there are many reasons not to give up hope on the printed form. In fact, in this article we discuss 5 Key Reasons you should keep printing.

7 Reasons to Use Short Videos a.k.a. TwitComs

June 2, 2014


Reference to the Twitcom video style emerged initially via my published book “Unearthing” back in 2011. The philosophy is to provide digestible bite sized videos. Easy right? A TwitCom is essentially like a TV commercial delivering a specific message with a twist. “Twit” was the selected name reference as we create written status update messages […]