About CHR’s Online Voice

Traditional forms of communications like advertising, marketing, and publicity are enhanced by generating a conversation and engaging on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It means you want to be heard online. Either for your business needs, or just because.

What’s an online voice?

I label it “online profiling” (it’s been called all sorts of stuff in the past, with the most cringe-worthy being “personal online brand”). To see what I mean about the results you SHOULD get, Google “charlie helen robinson”. There’s a lot there hey!

Your online voice is the noise you create to generate traffic (eyes) to your website or blog.

Don’t be fooled that people won’t Google your name to find out who you are. They will.

Try it. If you Google your name, or your business name or keywords and don’t get any results, you need my help.



  1. Hi Charlie – you left Enet without saying goodbye, I guess you didn’t get the chance? What are you up to these days? We have all moved to Keswick and Sandra Kearney is in your old posi down here.
    cheers Alex Wyschnja

    1. hello mista!! thanks for contacting – and yeah, no opportunity… 😦
      loved working at keswick – great spot. i’m sure sandra is enjoying my old desk – it was very comfortable 🙂
      how’s the book going? im writing my own now!! up to page 25 and it’s growing…

      catch up when you can, xc

  2. Charlie – book is progressing as per the plan I sent you some time ago but other things are slowing the program somewhat. All the elements are there, all the typed text I have scanned to word document and I have found the photos my brother took when they towed the old ship to India. I scored some good underwater photos of the Hobart over summer but can always improve on them. I need to do a little more wordsmithing on my text but the bulk of it is done. Also need to select a variety of 35mm transparencies for scanning as well. Will rev it up over the remainder of the year after I get a couple of magazine articles out of the way shortly. All hack work from now on.

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