Delighted to bring on the Gezellig

Very chuffed to have the opportunity to now immerse myself in everything “Gezellig”.

I have accepted a Board position with Rembrandt Living Aged Care; a down-to-earth Social, Home Care, Residential (Rembrandt Court) and Respite Services organisation, enjoyed by people of all cultures, not just the Dutch, for over 25 years. Their term Gezellig provides the Rembrandt difference and comes directly from their Dutch roots and values. It simply means warm and welcoming.

They are based in Oaklands Park, South Australia.

I promise it wasn’t the “Day Spa” listing on their website which got me hooked. In all seriousness, it has been a thorough and diligent recruitment process – which started from a connection on LinkedIn, progressed through the application and interview process, ending with a meal with the full board to present my case.

The beauty of social media.

Love their open communication style with their community at large:

And am very much looking forward to the journey.

Check them out more here:


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