#cicshare #2 Rest

Posted on December 29, 2015


#cicshare #2 Rest

Embracing rest in a culture of busy

This was the perfect newsfeed find today.

Here I am starting up a new instagram challenge. If truth be known, this is a way of rest too. It stimulates my mind and thinks of other things to preoccupy it and stop it thinking of work or responsibilities. It enforces play. They say “fake it til you make it” and sometimes we have to challenge our barin to make this happen.

It’s working.

“Since childhood, many of us have resented the idea of rest. Countless studies confirm that we are addicted to caffeine, obsessed with finding the newest and next, and are consumed with an ‘on-the-go lifestyle’. What was breaking news yesterday is old and forgotten today and those who can’t keep up with the revolving door are relegated to cultural inconsequence. This grueling pace worked just fine for many of us, all the way from elementary school naptime boycotts to college all-nighters, but as we emerge from our early twenties, a new reality sets in. ”

Read more inspiration at this article link: http://theeverygirl.com/embracing-rest-in-a-culture-of-busy

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