Healthy Heart Challenge #hearttime 12 July 2011

Brian Solis, a public relations executive, aut...
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Research is good for my soul. It keeps my brain ticking. I also like strategies… so my new one (in social media land) is to have “tuesday trawlings: what inspiring readings we’ve stumbled over this week?”. So, guess what, here are mine: << a new service I’m exploring…​/1765928/foursquare-shifts​-from-location-to-event-ch​eck-ins << ‎foursquare moves into event check-in territory which follows on from an interesting article I read from Brian Solis about Foursquare and how it is monitoring and shaping trends by analysing what we do…

http://www.bronzebodiesnor​ << is here because I’m checking and analysing the google analytics for this website, which these day is a fine art!!!

http://www.missionaustrali​​ships/social-responsibilit​y << ooh I wrote about Corporate Social Responsibility yesterday and today this link was in the news feed… and what a lovely link it is too 🙂​ews/public_engagement/evid​ence_act.php << about time?

http://animalsbeingdicks.c​om/ << errrrr did i really just see right?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, social networking gone crazy: this girl wants a husband – and you could win an iPad in the process… yep… off you go…​07/introduce-me-to-my-soul​mate-win-an-ipad/ << no, not YOU… only you over there…

There was some #hearttime in there as well… some heart stopping moments and some… well other moments too. But I’ll leave it here for now.


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