You are right

You are right

You are wrong

For me

I bash my head

I stop the pain

For me

You turn the tide

You stay on side

For you

I listen hard

I want to agree

For me

You make plans

You decide things

For you

I hate it

I agree again

For you

Always for you

Now for me.



  1. my quickest, highest hitting post is a poem written to someone i love, who does not love me in the same way. it is painful, hard but life. we all do it, we all live it, we all survive it. we hate it. tomorrow will be different because feelings will adjust, lives will move on, understandings are known. thats what i love about life and poems… it is in the moment.

    what’s life without the moment? xc

    1. It is all good Charlie

      Somewhere theres someone who dreams of your smile
      and finds in your presense that life is worthwhile
      So when you are lonely remember its true
      somebody somewhere is thinking of you

      Have a great day. 🙂

      1. yes… as I mentioned in my comment poems are great to capture that “moment”… life has a way of sorting itself out and we all get what we deserve. fortunately karma is being nice to me again 🙂 xx

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