20/05/2010:: twitter365

number three on LinkedIn search for “adelaide + social media”. thankyou.

now that’s pretty cool. i actually dont know who number one and two are however a quick google and facebook search tells me i have some mutual friends so they do exist!! that’s good news!!

for me LinkedIn is very much a work tool.

i personally use it most when working for a corporate to manage alumni groups and employee groups with common interests.

in the social media space (ie groups) i have always found better interaction within the world of facebook, ning, twitter and our blogs – maybe because we are inherently more social in those spaces? but each to their own and i have them all – my LinkedIn specifically being where I refer people to review my full CV.

i do feel LinkedIn has a way to go before it becomes really social in the networking sense but it is starting. hey – even my own Dead Reds Wine Group has a LinkedIn group where many members chat and have conversations. You should come and check it out… xc


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