interacting in her own time…

Hey โ€“ stop pestering me OK? In my time please.

Oooh. That was harsh hey. Sorry.

OK. Itโ€™s interesting though how with online services like Email, FaceBook (regular), Blogging and LinkedIn (as examples) we are patient. Well I am. We (I) give each other time to respond, answer and action. Even the times that we poke each other on FaceBook, itโ€™s just a โ€œyes, Iโ€™m still here and know youโ€™re still thereโ€ message that doesnโ€™t need an instant reply.

Well, it seems not so with our FaceBook (chat), Twitter, Skype and Plurk (to name a few) worlds. These worlds demand instant or at least extremely quick responses โ€“ or donโ€™t bother. Using the FaceBook chat feature tonight (that I like), I had a couple of conversations going at the same time (as you do). There were a few moments of โ€œare you still there?โ€ simply because the reply wasnโ€™t immediate. Instant.

Itโ€™s curious. But very normal. I remember going through this scenario with emails. Way back when.

I remember whenโ€ฆ


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