charlie interacts with the kids

will the adults please leave the playground? let the kids play.

i get it. people want a professional image and to be adult. they say, we should have the right profile image, say the right things, be diplomatic. agreed. but i do think sometimes we can let the guard down and just have some fun. read โ€œfunโ€. and isnโ€™t that what FaceBook is all about? a bit of mucking about and sharing some stuff?

i read this post earlier from Scobleizer [link] who said “Itโ€™s no business โ€œutilityโ€ if I canโ€™t make infinitely large friend lists and use those lists in the same way I use email (which Facebook also bans).” and thoughtโ€ฆ well yes, FaceBook isnโ€™t for building big business anyway โ€“ its to play and network. what Scobleizer recommends is using FriendFeed – which i do. here’s mine:

as I have said in an earlier post โ€“ FaceBook is the โ€œafter partyโ€. so, leave the serious stuff to your blog, FriendFeed, LinkedIn and Twitter interactions and throw all the sheep at me from FaceBook that you wantโ€ฆ but please do treat me as your friend. even if i’m a new friend. i donโ€™t like playground bullies, so no, im also not into all the spam abuse through groups, applications and others. remember the rule โ€“ if you cant do it to the face, donโ€™t do it at all. even kids get that.

see you on the feed xc


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