When will we Work Out Loud? Soon!

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Breaking Down “Work Out Loud” One of my favorite phrases to use for describing behaviors and critical outcomes of using Social Collaboration tools is “Work Out Loud.” So I was thrilled (from afar) to see some of the tweets around the topic from the Santa Clara version of the E20 Conference a few weeks ago. The terminology emerged from a few sessions, most notably the session by Brian Tullis and Joe Crumpler titled “In the Flow: Patterns of Observable Work.” I also love Joe’s follow-up blog post, Narrating Your Work, as a testimonial to the concepts working in action. So… Continue reading When will we Work Out Loud? Soon!


Wine in the bag at the end of the election

Unlike the federal election this weekend – we had two winners.

One for the whites, and one for the reds.

Wine that is.


But what is a “wine in the bag” or blind wine tasting event? Well, this is how New York Wines have described it,

We don’t wear blindfolds, or even Lone Ranger masks.  A blind tasting simply means we have no idea what specific wines we are tasting.  We usually know the varietal (or type of wine) and the vintage (year the grapes were harvested), and a few (but not most) competitions include the price category as well.  But we never know the brand, rarely the country or region of origin; and we never see a bottle, even in a brown paper bag (because the capsule could give away the winery’s identity)”

For our event, we knew the brand and type of wine and it went from there. There were three bottles of white – and three bottles of red!

Respect and thanks go to Glen Urbani for his organisation of the #wineinthebag event for us; it’s an awesome concept, and lots of fun!!

And as he said, “A big thank you needs to (also) go to Luke Kelly the manager at the pub (Hyde Park) who bent over backwards to help set up the event. Top bloke! And Stewie on the night for his fantastic service.

The Hyde Park service was perfect indeed. From the specially selected menu, to the help with our wine selection for the “wine in the bag” concept, they helped create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for us winelovers to play, where nothing was too much trouble.

Big congratulations go to Sonia and Litsa for their respective wins… 

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Making healthy normal 

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It’s seems rather surreal that the English weather has followed me over to Australia with the worst rain in several years and a chance of snow on the hills! And whilst I thought having done my postal vote I’d have escaped the Brexit debates, I was wrong! Pretty much everyone I have had the opportunity to meet with over the last 3 days have been very inquisitive about which way Britan will vote on the EU today! It seems there is no escaping Great Britain down under. There are still traces of the Queens’s birthday celebrations,… Continue reading Making healthy normal