POEM | What lies beyond.

March 13, 2017


Summer days and hazy, come what mays. Come what mays, have a wine, check the time. Do the time, write the prose, smell the rose. Smell the rose, prune the trees, feel the breeze. Feel the breeze, make the pardon, in the secret garden. What lies beyond. Is it down the rabbit hole? A line […]

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The hidden impact of not staying fit for caring

February 22, 2017


Staying fit isn't a sudden revelation. However, if you need local motivation, I personally recommend you join the growing trend of 'fitness in the park'.

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Announcing the Inaugural Vintage Ball Charity for Unearthing WineLovers

March 14, 2017


The Inaugural Vintage Ball With our true #winelover generous style, we will again be donating to the Chat ‘n’ Chew program, managed by Uniting Care Wesley, Port Adelaide. To date, we have donated approximately $450. Chat ‘n’ Chew provides an opportunity for more than 700 people each year to enjoy some independence, make friends and […]

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FIVEaa Radio Interview; Meeting People Online, like Ray

January 30, 2017


I’ll trade you a friend. What’s that you say?     Well, if women are from Venus, and men are from Mars… there must be a slight difference in the way we do things, right? So, why not try trading friends. Like Ray did. Who’s Ray? Well, Ray Johnstone is a bloke who likes fishing. But […]

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How new technologies are shaking up health care

January 27, 2017


A growing number of health apps – of varying quality – are available to support patients’ decisions about those options. And social media provide an instant network of peers with whom to share health concerns and experiences.

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Poem | Floral Prettiness

January 23, 2017


Floral prettiness Creates a stillness Awakens the senses Makes less senseless. All consuming The airs sweet perfuming Nature’s fresh smells This life fine-tuning. Branches gnarled Entwined and snarled Not unlike life’s defenses When we feel jarred. The spark precious Lovingly tenuous Blessed with hope No longer the nemesis.

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Can, or rather do, academics ever retire?

January 8, 2017


Topical, especially given Ron Corso, my Unearthing Ideas colleague, frequently questioning this of himself. We doubt he will however, as Simon says in his article republished below, “Academic work becomes rapidly vocational. You quickly realise that you live to work, far more than you are working to live. When you publish work that you find […]

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Republished; Simple thinking in a complex world is a recipe for disaster

January 5, 2017


In an era of post-truth and pseudoscience, what can you do? Our "LifeFlip" initiative - which is using the "Afternoon Conversations with Ron" to tease out some of the complexities we face as we age in particular, is one way we are working to improve our world. In particular,‘Life Flip’ is the exploration of what our life will look like as contributing and valuable citizens in our later years ie past the 60+ of typical retirement.

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Republished; How to be a healthy user of social media

January 3, 2017


How to be a healthy user of social media Peggy Kern, University of Melbourne We can learn a lot about people through how they use social media. For example, Twitter language can be used to predict the risk of dying from heart disease. Analyses of Facebook updates show women tend to be warmer than men, […]

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Republished; 2016, the year that was: Arts and Culture

January 1, 2017


Great article wrap up 2016, the year that was: Arts and Culture Suzy Freeman-Greene, The Conversation 2016 was not a good year to be a famous male musician. In January, David Bowie died at just 69. He was mourned by pretty much everyone, including the German Foreign Office, which tweeted: “You are now among Heroes”. […]

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Holding Closer; Near and Far

December 11, 2016


A collection of thoughts through lyrics. For Amber; You’ve got, the most incredible blue eyes, I’ve ever seen. For Jessika-May; Rewind, Happy Little Pill For Charlie; Kiss Me; Baby You Send Me

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Charlie’s Social Media Predictions for 2017: Community

December 6, 2016


Perhaps the Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, is the Richard Branson Virgin of it's time? It needs to keep building and providing services. Have they ever considered partnering? I feel Richard is the right age demographic for Facebook now and they would be well served to "check each other out".

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say it again

November 28, 2016


say it again as the years roll on there’s a new lesson in everything we find each one is new the peaceful gathering with love is my tribe sip back on something vined that’s true blue. say it https://charlierobinson.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/say-it/ you can say your hurtful things its what all people do just keep in mind its […]

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Social Media Guidelines; The Elevator Pitch

November 18, 2016


Way back when… the mobile telephone and fax machine were innovations, as were numerous other communication devices. We traveled through the period of everyone wanting a website, survived the dot.com crash, lived through ‘everyone wants an app’ and have rolled our eyes at everyone wanting a Facebook page. Our social thinking has evolved, along with our […]